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Not Enough Food! Catering mistakes.

Serving the right amount of food is critical to the success of your event. It does not matter whether you're having a birthday party, an anniversary, business lunch, reunion, seminar, sales meeting, there is nothing like the last several guests having nothing to eat because the rest have already devoured the tasty food. While food "completely disappearing" might make the caterer feel great because the food is good, it won't do much good for your brand and reputation. That's why caterers should not be stingy with serving quantities. A guest leaving hungry means embarrassment for you. Last week we catered for an event of about 50 guests at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. And that almost went the wrong way... Namely, we were contacted a few weeks before the event, selected the food and closed the deal. However, about an hour before the event we receive a phone call that half of the expected guests did not show up and that we can go ahead and cut down the quantity to avoid food waste. Luckily for the host, the order was being packed and en route to the Embry-Riddle campus. After the event the organizer reached out and said that there was only food left for 8 guests because the guests were mostly international and had long flight to make it to Florida for the event. Hunger + fresh, tasty food meant really happy guests. Needless to say, the host was thankful that we were able to proceed with the original plan.

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