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Filo is always looking for great talent. Whether you're looking for your first job or you're a veteran, let's talk. 



The Crew Member

"The best 1st job in Port Orange!"

Filo is a family. 

And as a family we're only as strong as our members.


Anyone can learn how to greet guests, prepare the food, handle the fryer, use the point-of-sale system, create TikTok videos etc.

However, Filo looks for attitude, energy, honesty, integrity, empathy, leadership...In one word, soft skills. 

Filo is also a real-world school. School of life, school of hospitality, school of business. Because we believe in true education. 

We believe in developing people. 

If you believe that you posses what Filo family needs, reach out and let's talk!

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Our vision is to become the go-to choice for busy professionals and families looking for fresh, healthy food.

At the moment we have one location. However, future ones are already in the works.

Besides just offering great food, we want to offer a great experience. 

We want to have fun.  We want to learn. We want to serve. We want to grow together. 

We want to contribute to the communities and neighborhoods where we operate and live. 

We want to help the youth find their way through financial literacy, communication, leadership.

And for this vision to become a reality it requires more than a plan. It requires great people. 

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