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Fundraiser for the Spruce Creek High School

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” We are big believers in continuous education, personal and professional development. And as such we find it natural to affiliate ourselves with educational institutions. Fundraising can help us strengthen relationships, raise awareness about the cause, pave the foundation for other forms of fundraising and engagement. Strengthening the Relationship

A few of our crew members are finishing high school at Port Orange's Spruce Creek. Even though not all of them will be part of the restaurant industry long-term, they will gain life-long skills for their future careers. For those who decide to stay in our industry, Filo Greek will offer a pathway to career advancement. By co-hosting a fundraiser we show the much-necessary good-will to the Spruce Creek High School's community of teachers, staff, parents, coaches and advisors. This raises the trust as a brand. And trust is everything, because it ties directly into the reputation. Reputation, reputation, reputation is how contemporary restaurants grow and prosper. Raise Awareness

Fundraisers for the high school do not just raise awareness for a specific cause such as the music band's travel to Ireland as part of their musical development. On top of that, it's about Spruce Creek showing the Port Orange and its wider community that the high school is part of the local fabric. In return, demonstrating belonging and embeddedness to the city's residents comes back as more students and resources headed towards the school. Paves the Way for Future Fundraisers

It starts with one fundraiser, and it does not take much for the world to travel to other schools and organizations that a local restaurant in Port Orange is supporting certain inititiates. This translates into more schools wanting to organize fundraisers with our restaurant, which in return for us raises the awareness about our restaurant, which then helps us have even more impactful fundraisers...and on, and on, and on. The community is what has shaped Filo Greek since 2021. As part of our existence, we are committed to assist our community in the best way we know. We want Port Orange and the Greater Daytona Area to become stronger, safer and better places to live. We work with a variety of organizations seeking support with their fundraising efforts. We receive numerous requests and are unable to accommodate every organization seeking our assistance. There are two major factors that determine whether your organization will be considered for a donation: 1) who does the event benefit and 2) what type of organization is making the request. If you would like Filo Greek to host a fundraiser for you, email us at Warm regards from our Filo fam to yours!

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