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It's not the food. It's the lifestyle.

"I love your food!". While it's a great bragging moment for the Filo family to hear that, it really does serve as a reminder.

A reminder to stay humble and focused, while also not losing the sight of the big picture.

The big picture is that this is all about the lifestyle.

Filo is not a food brand.

Filo is a lifestyle brand. A lifestyle that cherishes family, health, hospitality and reaching the God-given potential.

Whether you believe or do not believe that there is a God, see it as you having gifts and potential that need to be developed. And in order for the potential to be reached, you need to worry about your 360 lifestyle, day in and day out. From what your morning routine looks like, how are your family relationships, to your involvement in the community and the food you choose to fuel you. Because a healthy, productive lifestyle demands high-octane fuel. That's why it's important that the food nurtures you. But the food is not everything. Yet without it, we can't function. Always remember that you can have a great meal with us at any day of the week by ordering a delivery or catering, but if the rest of your day and lifestyle are not figured out, you won't be reaching your potential. It's about the lifestyle.

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