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Best Morning Routine for Nurses

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

How nurses can crush their day with a proper morning routine!

As a nurse, as a qualified health professional, you literally save lives, every single day! You choose your profession because you want to make a difference.

Between creating patient care plans, monitoring patients and assisting medical procedures, your day is is loaded with high-energy-demanding activities. And to power such a day you have to have a strong morning routine mixed with healthy habits throughout your shift.

The AM is where it all starts.

“If you win the morning, you win the day” ~ Tim Ferris

Starting off with a strong routing matters. While there are many activities that be done after waking up, some of the most productive seems to be:

Activity#1 - Pray & Meditate

Allow the overnight download to sink in. Take your time before you jump out of your bed. A minute is plenty. Commit to show gratitude through the way you start your morning.

Activity #2 - Drink Water

Your water intake gives you essential energy. Track your intake throughout the day. A good amount of water to start with is around 16oz. Commit to that amount every single morning.

"Thousands have lived without love. Not one without water." – W. H. Auden

Activity#3 - Splash of Cold Water

Besides refreshing the body, splashing your face/body with the cold water tones your skin, giving it a fresh look. The cold water can also help with early morning puffiness around the eyes and cheeks. Additionally, cold water tightens your pores which prevents them from overfilling with dirt and bacteria.

Activity #4 - Stretch

Slowly stretching for 5-15 minutes while covering the entire body can do miracles. Just like the lion and lioness are stretching throughout the day, keeping them limber and mobile for a hunt, the same way we need our bodies to have the mobility. If you think about it, lying all night tightens up your muscles. Humans, like animals, instinctively stretch after sleeping to get the blood flowing and wake up the body. YouTube is your best friend. For example, search for "15-minute full-body stretch" and follow.

Activity #5 - Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Your body was fasting the entire night while you were asleep. A healthy breakfast properly breaks the fast and provides the mind, body and soul with energy. Frequently eating a healthy breakfast has shown to reduce and prevent many contemporary illnesses. So, eat up!

There's Always More

While you can certainly add more steps such as bonding with the family and getting the sunlight exposure to boost your immune system and Vitamin D, we wanted to start off with initial steps. Definitely consider adding a fast walk or a jog while listening to an (audio)book and being exposed to the goodness of Sun's rays. Stay disciplined. Have a routine. Commit. Your life will transform for the better, without a shred of a doubt!

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