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The best caterer is the one that cares to understand you

It all comes from selfishness. Yes, selfishness. How? Well, it goes back to the basic business paradigm. Neil Pattel of NP Digital explains it well: "Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers is key to achieving core business goals. Whether you’re trying to build (or optimize) the customer experience, create more engaging content or increase sales. Knowing your customers better than they do is key." And that is exactly why we at the Filo family want to know as much as possible about you and what you're looking for. Consequently, because we want to do better we want you to do better, and that goes back and forth. Your needs fuel our needs, and our needs fuel yours. Perfect combo.

Also, the success of your event is tied to our reputation, which is our brand, which is our everything.

Additionally, you want an intelligent solution for your event. You're probably not looking to find the cheapest catering service here in Port Orange, or Daytona, or Ormond Beach or New Smyrna Beach or wherever you are. You care about the whole deal.

You care that the type of the cuisine you choose, the ease of communication with the caterer and the guests' satisfaction will be achievable and part of the deal. Because you want the least amount of headaches.

Furthermore, you want to make sure that the caterer is offering you a product or service that will enrich your guests' experience and not just grow the caterer's sales. Interestingly, by fanatically focusing on you and your guests' experience I know that Filo will reap much greater, long-term rewards than just a one-time payment.

Look for those who care to understand you.

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