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PLEASE open up another site in Leesburg and The Villages

You never know what a guest is going through.

That's exactly what I was reminded of some 2 weeks ago.

A lady (let's call her D) whose order I was handling at the register had told me that it was her first time at Filo. I asked her how did she find out about us to which she responded: "Nurses at the AdventHealth DaytonaBeach where my sister is being treated. The nurses said that if you're looking for fresh food, go to Filo (in Port Orange). I'm glad I came.

Asked her if her sister likes sweets and sent her sister one of our delish desserts.

After finishing her order, D asked me if we cater and if we could take care of some 40 guests around the Thanksgiving. It was for her family reunion. I said "Yes" and proceeded to exchange contact info, promising her that I'll send her the catering proposal. As of this week, the catering is not happening because the family had change of plans. However, I did receive this golden message:

"Hi Marc, it was so wonderful talking with you about hosting our Thanksgiving family Celebration of Life gathering for 40 for my dad. We are going to a place that will already be open (on Thanksgiving).

Must admit the quality of food does not compare to yours.

How do I know?

I have brought 4 different groups of folks back to your place in the last 2 weeks and all have raved about your food. Your restaurant is a hit, enjoy your success and please open up another site in Leesburg and The Villages. A very satisfied customer!"

This is to show you that no matter big or a small kind act you commit, it will have a rippler effect. It's an honor to be invited into someone's community to open our restaurant. It's not jut about the end. It's also about the means. Kindness matters.

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