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Criticize in private. Praise in public!

Look at that energy exuding from the photo!

That energy does not happen if the title's meaning is not upheld.

I cannot stress enough how demoralizing it can be for a member of your team or family to be consistently badgered in front of everyone else. The killer of morale that this behavior represents is destructive. Truly destructive.

As a leader at any role in your organization, you have the responsibility to protect and boost the team morale. This can be accomplished only if there is a culture that everyone can and should lead; both down and up the chain of command.

Imagine an environment where everyone has everyone’s back and where coming up with solutions for the better of individuals and mission is sacred…

In my role as the Director, there have been and will be numerous occasions where I was and will be lead, and where I have and will lead. And to lead efficiently and effectively, I cannot allow myself to bring down the morale of the crew, nor our guests.

Crew is at Filo because they want to grow, to develop as professionals, as individuals. To grow in the restaurant industry, to make someone’s day a bit better through hospitality and to be better off in life overall than before joining Filo.

Guests visit Filo because they want to be fed nutritious, fresh food, while feeling welcomed and comfortable. And if they can get more value than that, all the better!

Neither of these two groups wants negativity. Neither guests nor the crew want negative energy.

This is why you as a leader have to protect the environment and the atmosphere as much as possible.

This is why you want to criticize in private and lavishly praise in public.

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